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emotion in MOTION




       EMiMOTION is a contemporary dance company based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2012, under the Artistic Direction of Emilio Colalillo. EMiMOTION creates dance works relating to everyday life themes through an avant-garde approach.  The choreography is extremely physical, emotional and energetic, aiming to use the dancers full range of motion to portray a message. EMiMOTION takes dance to the next level. The works aim to go beyond the stage by creating 3D effects, use of multimedia and creative choreography.
       EMiMOTION takes part in international dance festivals, fundraisers, corporate events, fashion shows, self-produced shows, commissions, music videos, films and master classes/workshops. EMiMOTION is about expressing emotions through motion. Our creations are based off of various life themes to have audiences relate their own experiences with.. Our works aim to have the highest quality of contemporary  and theatrical dance that can be related to all audience members. The company is committed to bring unique, creative and powerful artistry in all our works. EMiMOTION strives to bring top quality dancers, choreography and concepts to enhance the dance scene in Canada. 
Artistic Director | Emilio Colalillo
Emilio Colalillo is the founder and Artistic Director of EMiMOTION. Emilio Colalillo is a Toronto based choreographer and dancer. He believes dance is a way to communicate emotions through the body. In his dancing and choreography he believes finding true emotion and exploring the intention of the movement will allow for an artistic and organic exchange both between the dancer and the observer in all genres of dance. Colalillo has been influenced and inspired as he has worked with and trained under established artists such as; William Yong, Hanna Kiel, Vicky St. Denis, Collin Connor, Kenny Pearl, Nadia Potts, Robert Glumbek and David Earle. He received his BFA degree in Dance from Ryerson University. He has danced most recently for the Canadian Opera Company as a featured dancer in ' La Traviata' at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. He has toured to Japan, India, Denmark, Sweden, Bermuda, Dubai and all over the USA as a dancer. He also choreographed works that were shown internationally in China, India, Oman, Qatar, USA and Toronto. Colalillo takes each dance experience as a positive learning experience and understands how beneficial it is to gain as much knowledge as possible from each experience. To date, Colalillo has produced 6 full length contemporary works Laughter, Love and Lessons, Beauty?, SURVIVAL, and Touch Of Psycho!, Virilem and Luxuria. He is also the co-producer of INVERSE, a choreographic showcase that allows two choreographers to showcase two 20 minute dance pieces. He is also an international teacher and has created a curriculum that is derived from emotion. His program dives into the true meaning of movement and why we move in certain ways and how it can apply to all dance genres. 
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